Chip Foose and The A Team are looking for people who love their cars and motorcycles and whose personal story is inspirational and deserves to be shared with others. Of course, this would be accomplished without the car owner’s knowledge. We don’t want to ruin the element of surprise and expression on their face once the vehicle is returned.

Currently, we are accepting written and/or video submissions using the form on right with a description/photos of the vehicle along with why we should pick the nominees vehicle for the show. Please note that all submissions must be made through this website in order to be official so please do not contact Chip or BCII productions directly.

Who knows, the vehicle chosen to be on Overhaulin’ could be your deserving friend’s or loved one.   Remember, the overhaul is a secret until the moment the Overhaulin’ team returns the vehicle!

Overhaulin’ Team at BCII Productions

Check out a few of our cars before and after. Click images to enlarge.
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Please tell us about your nominee and their vehicle.

Important!! Do not tell the nominee you have submitted them to be overhauled, it would ruin the whole thing...

Your First Name
Your Last Name
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Your Email Address
Your City and State
Nominee's Full Name
Your Relationship to Nominee
Vehicle Description - Year/Make/Model
Major Problems with Vehicle
Briefly: what do you know about the history of the car?
Suggestions/Changes the “mark” would like made to the car
Tell us about the “mark’s” feelings about the Car and any great anecdotes
Is the nominee the registered owner?
Transmission details? (If known)
Engine Specification? (If known)
Is it their daily driver?
How long has he/she had the car?
How old is the “mark”?
Does the “mark” have kids? Ages?
What is the “marks” occupation?
What city/state does the “mark” live in?
Tell us about The Mark's schedule- (work, hobbies, activties etc)
Tell us about The Mark's personality? (excitable, calm, easy to anger)
Tell how you think The Mark will react to getting his car Overhauled?
Current Location of Vehicle - City/State
Mileage On Vehicle
Tell us why we should
pick your nominees vehicle
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Submissions may take a minute or two depending on attachment sizes and connection speed.

The selection of a vehicle to be used in Overhaulin’ is at the sole and complete discretion of the producers of Overhaulin’ at BCII Productions.